Parvin & Patterson
House Money
Copyright 2017
Parvin & Patterson

I come from a place where life is cheap
Where graves are shallow and the hate runs deep
If it can kill you I've done it twice
I send fools to their paradise

Oh exaltation - at the gates of Hell
For the soldier of fortune and the infidel
I don't bend, I don't bow
I'm playing with house money now

I fought in the dust of the desert and dunes
Laid waste to the temple, left it in ruins
I live in the shadow of the burned and the black
Feel the heat from the blast but I never look back

Oh proclamations - from the gates of Hell
The moan of the drone and the toll of the bell
They don't bend, they don't bow
They're playing with house money now
House money now...

I go to a place where all debts are paid
Deeds are recorded and words are weighed
You won't find it in your book of prayers
But I'd bet your life that I will see you there

Oh salutations - from the gates of Hell
No sanctuary in the citadel
We don't bend, we don't bow
We're all playing with house money now
House money now yeah...

Lyrics Credits: Mark Patterson
Music Credits: Lee Parvin
Producer Credits: Parvin & Patterson
Publisher Credits: Distinguishing Marks Music, BMI
Performance Credits: Lee Parvin: Vocals, keyboards, Danny Montgomery: Drums, Gary Davidson: Bass, Barney Doyle: Guitar
Label Credits: Distinguishing Marks Records
Short Song Description:
House Money is fast, blues-infused rock song featuring a mix of acoustic, electric, and electronic instrumentation.
Long Song Description:
House Money is an uptempo, modern blues-rock track describing a world of hate and violence as seen through the eyes of one combatant. The arrangement is meant to portray a bleak, war-torn landscape with little hope of improvement. The result is a layered, cinematic arrangement evoking tension and violence.
Story Behind the Song:
House Money tells describes the current climate of war and hate and violence, taking the view that everyone is on borrowed time - or playing with "house money".
Song Length: 4:40
Primary Genre: Rock-Modern
Secondary Genre: Rock-Funk
Tempo: Very Fast (171 And Up)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Violence
Subject Matter 2: Darkness
Mood 1: Aggressive
Mood 2: Fuming
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later